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What Is Flat Head Syndrome in Infants and How Can It Be Prevented?

Having a well-shaped head in infants is not just a matter of looks but also can help with brain development. The shape of the skull changes during infancy, and the infant’s head must stay in the correct position. The bones in the skull gradually fuse during this period, which allows them to grow and strengthen as they develop.

During these early months and years, children have very little control over their head movements. They cannot lift their heads up and down or move side to side their own. This means that there is no way for them to prevent their heads from growing incorrectly shaped or putting pressure on their skulls when they sleep or move around. To prevent this from happening, make sure you follow these tips.

What is Flat Head Syndrome?

The flat head syndrome is a condition in which an infant’s skull does not have a symmetrical shape, and one side of the head appears flattened. This can happen if an infant spends too much time lying on his back or side while sleeping. Medical conditions do not cause a flat head syndrome; however, better parenting practices can help prevent it. The syndrome usually affects babies who are between two to four months old. It is more common among infants who are born prematurely. If your baby has flat head syndrome, it may be hard to tell at first because most newborns have some degree of flatness on top of their heads. The symptoms will become more noticeable over time as your baby grows.

If you had a child born early or you suspect your child is developing flat head syndrome, then it’s important to seek medical help as quickly as possible.


Use Pillows

The good news is that flat head syndrome doesn’t pose any major health risk to your baby and can be easily prevented by using a special pillow or a different position while sleeping.

First of all, always make sure your baby’s head is supported properly when they are lying down. If your child is under 3 months old, put them down to sleep with a firm but gentle baby pillow at night.

This will keep their heads from flattening out while they sleep. Secondly, avoid using car seats or strollers that rest your baby’s head against a hard surface; instead, look for seats or strollers that allow your baby to lie back in a semi-reclined position. These two simple tips will help keep your little one safe from flat head syndrome.


Tummy Time

The flat head syndrome usually happens as babies lay on their backs for a long time, often when they are sleeping. To balance things out, babies should be spending a lot of tummy time giving their heads appropriate shape and allowing their skulls to expand naturally. Encourage your baby to lift their heads when they are backside on their stomachs; this will help prevent pressure from building up in their skull and strengthen their neck muscles.

Encourage Active Turning

Change their head positions in the crib as well. The ideal position for a baby’s head is side-ways, but it can be difficult for newborns and infants to do this. If your baby’s head seems too flat, try encouraging them to turn their heads gently from side to side during feedings or naps. If you are breastfeeding your baby, encourage them to turn towards you. This will help your baby get used to moving their heads around more often, so they don’t get used to being flat on one side.

Reach Out to a Good Pediatrician

If you are confused about the proper positions to follow, try talking to your baby to a pediatrician who will practically demonstrate how you can shape your infant’s head properly and give you valuable advice.


Affordable Pediatric Care Clinic in San Antonio

At A Thru Z Pediatrics, we help parents stay clear of the flat head syndrome and give them the guidance they need to ensure all of their child’s developmental milestones are being met. Our pediatric clinic for newborns San Antonio, Cibolo, and Schertz offers comprehensive pediatric solutions for infants, including well-child visits, immunization services, and ADHD testing. We serve the community in two prime locations of Stone Oak and Medical Center.

Reach out to us today.


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