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Reasons Why Children Should Not Watch TV

Nowadays,children watch a lot of TV. Some children even spend more time watching television than playing or sleeping. Because of this, TV can greatly affect how they perceive the world around them. In this blog, learn why it is bad for children to watch TV.

Harmful for Eyes

It’s harmful to their eyesight as it is not developed properly,leading to their eyesight becoming weaker. Children can develop eye strains that could start to hurt the eyes. It also affects the development of the brain. Also, watching TV early on would be very confusing and overwhelming for them. This could make them feel left out and bored, which in turn can make them feel anxious and depressed.


Affects their Perception

Some parents might think that TV programming may seem harmless, but many studies show how harmful it can be for children who watch it regularly; these include increased aggression levels, stereotyped behavior, and decreased empathy levels, as well as negative effects on brain development and language skills. The biggest risk involved with watching television comes from the violence portrayed in most shows aimed at young children.

Many programs,including cartoons,contain violence, which can be frightening for a very young child., The content on TV is mostly not age-appropriate for children, and it can cause them to act in ways that are not healthy for them. They might even have a hard time distinguishing between what is real life and what is on TV. They will often react as if they are seeing something happening in real life, which can be dangerous for them as it blurs the line between fiction and reality. This could even lead to them having nightmares which could also affect their confidence levels.

Children learn from watching others. The more exposed children are to media messages, the greater the likelihood that these messages will influence their behavior. Research shows that exposure to television violence is linked to aggressive behavior, aggressive thinking, and a belief in violence as a solution to disagreements. Babies and toddlers should be restricted to the amount of TV they see and be encouraged to play outside, interact with other kids and adults, and learn through real-world exploration. This will help them build real-world skills necessary for them to grow into highly productive citizens and people who know how to handle things.

Hurts their Social Skills

Television also hurts children’s development by limiting their interaction with other people. Children naturally need attention and entertainment, which should come through playing and interacting with others. But when artificial means start taking over their attention span, they might find everything other than watching television to be boring

Children who watch television may become more isolated socially because they do not have the opportunity to play with their peers or develop social skills like sharing, listening, and interacting with others. When babies and toddlers watch TV, it can be a bad habit they will carry with them for years.


Reduces Attention Spans

In addition to being linked to aggression, children who watch violent programs are more likely than other children to have hyperactive behavior and attention deficits. This creates problems for them in their professional and personal life.

Once they turn two to three years old, they should develop fine motor skills needed to understand what they see on screen. Make sure they only watch age-appropriate channels and content. By not controlling their access to TV and remote control as well as TV viewing distance, you can set them on a path where they use dangerous aspects of the internet, social media platforms, and games, all of which can be quite addictive.


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At A Thru Z Pediatrics, we are highly experienced newborn pediatrician San Antonio, Cibolo, and Schertz that want the best for your children. Our affordable pediatric services help children stay clear of addictive behaviors and achieve their developmental milestones faster. Our healthcare services for infants include well-child visits, immunization, and ADHD testing. We serve from two convenient locations in Stone Oak and Medical Center so that you can save time.

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