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Newborn Specialist – NB to 30 months

  • Newborn Visit (2-3 days after discharge from the Hospital)
  • 1 month
  • 2 month (immunizations)
  • 4 month (immunizations)
  • 6 month (immunizations)
  • 9 month
  • 12 month (immunizations)
  • 15 month (immunizations)
  • 18 month (immunizations)
  • 24 month
  • 30 month

Pediatrician for New born babies

If you are a new parent and haven’t decided on your newborn’s
pediatrician, give us a call. We at A Thru Z Pediatrics offer full-range
primary pediatric care, ADHD pediatricians, and many more healthcare
services for the early years.

What to expect during these types of visits

babies During these visits, our nurses will take your baby’s temperature, height, and weight, and if possible, we’ll do a hearing screen on your little one. The provider will speak with you regarding any concerns you may have, conduct a developmental screening to ensure your child is meeting milestones, and counsel you to provide you with the appropriate tools to enrich your child.

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    If you need immediate medical assistance please call 911.
    Appointments: 210-490-8888 ( Stone Oak ), 210-614-7500 ( Medical center)


    Our answering service will forward your message to the on-call provider who will call back to answer your questions.

    Sat 8 am to 12pm at Stone Oak Location.