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Everything You Need To Know About COVID Testing For Kids

COVID-19 has been in a lot of distress and chaos for the past two years. It has affected adults and has also made its way to the children. Usually, children do not get affected by viruses easily because of their rapid immune system, but COVID has shattered this concept worldwide. Kids are also susceptible to this virus and require testing for detection, just like adults. Read on to know more about COVID testing for your child.

Need of Test

These are the reasons that your child needs a COVID test:

  1. Watch out for symptoms; parents usually let go of COVID symptoms in children by thinking of them as viral or seasonal flu. Do not rule out the possibility that your child could be asymptomatic and be the first family member who has caught the virus.
  2. Suppose anyone in the family or friends has tested positive or come in contact with a person who later tested positive. In that case, your kids are sitting on the “most probably COVID positive” chair. It would be best to keep an eye on your children’s health. Any minor symptom shouldn’t be taken lightly, and you have to get them tested right away.
  3. Prolonged illness – if your child is COVID negative but still isn’t recovering from illness, then it might be a sign for you to get him re-tested. As COVID testing methods are not 100% efficient, there is a chance that the virus went undetected during the first test.

Breakdown of COVID Tests

There are two types of tests to detect the viruses in the body- SARS-COV-2 and Antibodies. Both tests are safe for your children.


It is a diagnostic test that determines if the body is currently home to the virus or not. It is done when the symptoms are severe as it shows whether the virus is in the body or not. The test takes 24-48 hours to develop results.

2. Antibodies

This test detects if the body has formed antibodies as a defense mechanism to the virus. It determines if the virus had already affected the body, not tells the current presence of the virus. This test is rapid and gives results in a few hours.

Where To Go

There are many places where you can get the test done. However, getting your child tested from a pediatric clinic can be a better choice.


As pediatric clinics cater to kids day and night, they are familiar with handling and managing kids efficiently; the environment is kid-friendly, so your child wouldn’t feel weird. The presence of a pediatrician in the clinic is a plus point if you need any consultation.

Boy wearing a mask

Reaching Out For COVID Testing

If you feel there is a need for COVID testing for your kid, it’s best to consult the pediatrician first. In this way, they can approve the testing and follow up with the treatment if positive.

A thru Z Pediatrics is a pediatric clinic in Schertz and San Antonio, where you can find some of the best pediatricians and services that do not add to your stress. We offer COVID-19 testing and COVID vaccination and booster facility as well. Don’t be careless with the symptoms; get your child tested right away. Contact us on any of our branch numbers mentioned on the website.


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