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6 Reasons to Choose A Thru Z Pediatrics for the Best Primary Care in San Antonio

After the ease in COVID-19 lockdown in several states, many schools and colleges will soon resume their activities. Keeping their children safe and healthy is now every parent’s priority.

Apart from sickness, CDC recommends parents consult a pediatrician at least annually. It maintains and improves children’s healthy growth and development.

If you live in San Antonio and are concerned about your child’s health, here are six reasons why A Thru Z Pediatrics Clinic is one of the best primary care centers.

1. Timely Immunization and Vaccination

When babies are born, they’ve certain anti-bodies, which shield them from diseases. However, this immunity vanishes after a year. But thanks to vaccinations, children can now be protected against many diseases, such as polio, mumps, measles, tetanus, and smallpox.

At A Thru Z Pediatrics Clinic, pediatricians assess a baby’s weight and age and prescribe suitable vaccinations. They make sure to immunize your children from several infections and germs. Indeed, timely vaccination saves you from costly hospitalization.

2. Well-Baby Visits Enhance Your Child’s Development

Apart from sick visits, parents need to schedule regular appointments with a pediatrician during the child’s first year.

Well-baby visits enhance your child’s physical and mental health as pediatricians assess different milestones of children. They check the child’s physical growth and monitor vital signs, such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, and pulse rate. Such visits also help identify and treat any hereditary diseases before they can worsen.

3. Highly-Qualified and Friendly Pediatricians

A Thru Z Pediatrics Clinic believes in raising happy and healthy children. Therefore, they’ve appointed highly-qualified and experienced pediatricians. Their team treats children in a friendly and respectful manner.

4. Child-Friendly Facility

Often children get scared during hospital visits. A Thru Z Pediatrics Clinic ensures to please your children with its vivid-colored walls, animated carvings, and playful facility. Here, children feel comfortable and enjoy visiting the doctors for a check-up.

A Thru Z Clinic provides a child-friendly facility in Stone Oak

5. Effective Treatment of Allergies

Children suffer from allergies frequently, especially food allergies. A Thru Z Pediatrics Clinic offers in-house allergy screening and testing for common ailments, such as dermatitis (skin infection), undiagnosed cough, insect bites, stomach infections, or eye irritation.

6. Emergency Sick Visits

Children often get sick and need to consult a pediatrician. A Thru Z Pediatrics Clinic is always available for children’s emergency sick visits in Medical Center and Stone Oak.

The clinic provides screening for common illnesses, like strep, flu, RSV, and mono for adolescents. Moreover, they offer COVID-19 testing for children according to the CDC guidelines. They also schedule follow-ups to ensure your child is doing well.

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You should never compromise on your child’s health. If you’re interested in availing A Thru Z Pediatrics services, such as testing for ADHD in San Antonio, call us now at 210.614.7500 to schedule an appointment. We’re a children-friendly clinic located in Stone Oak and Medical Center, San Antonio.

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