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Parenting a Child with ADHD: A Guide

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children affects their ability to process concepts, plan in advance, and complete tasks, causing them to be disorganized and impulsive.

It is often mistaken for disobedience or juvenile behavior; actually, children with ADHD have anatomically different brains than other kids their age. As a parent or guardian, you have manage their unruly behavior and get them checked out at a center for pediatric medicine.

Keep reading to find out how you can go about this.

Motivational Therapy

Encourage your child to clean their room or take out the trash by rewarding them for it. This will give them the incentive to act the right way.

However, always maintain consistency. Remember, it is infinitely more confusing for a child with ADHD if your reward system lacks regularity.

Explicit Rules

House rules are a must in a household like yours. Make them clear and concise—write them down and stick them somewhere hard to miss. You can also set out a punishing pattern for bad behavior to put a stop to it.

Punish Only Objectively Bad Behavior

Bad behavior that is potentially harmful to your child and the people around him should be punished, but something unusal to you or someone else in your household shouldn’t.

Let your kid keep their peculiarities if they are not objectively wrong, and embrace them yourself.

The Back of a Boy Sitting in Front of A Chalkboard with A Schedule Written On It

Give Them Space to Reflect

Angry, irrational outbursts come with ADHD territory; when encountering one, ask your child to reflect on what they did wrong. It is important to keep your temper in check during such times. Remember, they have minimal control over their condition. Also, let them have their mildly angry outbursts; it’s an avenue for them to let off steam.

Take Away Distractions

Distraction is your child’s enemy numero uno; to limit it, you have to keep your house organized and avoid rearranging stuff.

Monitor their screen time since it promotes impulsive outbursts. Take them out for some healthy activities.

You can also curb distractions by dividing up their tasks; if they have homework or a test coming up, split up their prep schedule on paper. As for chores, those too should be in writing in the order that they should be done.

Take Time Outs

You’re only human; it’s normal to feel at the end of your tether sometimes, so, instead of taking it out on the child, take a time out.

Get some air  or let off steam with a power workout session.

ADHD Testing at the Medical Center in San Antonio

Individualized counseling is a part of behavioral therapy, and it all starts with ADHD Testing San Antonio. Unless you seek help from a pediatrician at our medical center, your child is in grave danger of being misunderstood. We provide a wide range of services from annual to sick visits.

Schedule an appointment with one of the best ADHD testing San Antonio clinic.



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