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Top 4 Questions About Newborns – Answered!

Babies are cute, but new parents struggle to understand their needs when they cry. Newborns are completely dependent upon their caretakers as not being able to express or talk makes them helpless.

The more they cry, their parent’s sleep-deprived, already-fragile nerves shatter. Many are confident that they’re ready for a newborn and have it all sorted before birth, but they end up questioning themselves every day.

During the initial months, while your child is growing up, you will have many questions, and this blog answers some of the top questions parents of newborns have.

Will My Baby Ever Sleep Through The Night?

It’s been a month, and you’re still struggling to get a decent amount of sleep. Wondering when your baby will begin sleeping long enough, so you return to sanity. The answer to the above question is, Yes! They will sleep through the night, but you may have to wait as every baby is different. As per a study published in the journal Pediatrics, two-month-old babies may sleep for 5 hours in a stretch, and four-month-old babies may sleep for about 8-12 hours.

Will Carrying My Baby Too Much Spoil My Newborn?

Many grandparents persist that handling infants all the time spoils them. While they’re so irresistible and cuddly, it is advised not to keep them attached to you; otherwise, they’ll have difficulty drifting off independently.

Babies should sleep by themselves if they awaken during the night. If you rock and hold them to sleep, they will need you during nighttime, and you wouldn’t want that. Hence, it’s advised to put them on the bed when they are awake and tired and do not sleep completely.

Shirtless baby on white rug

How To Make My Infant Stop Crying?

Newborns cry a lot as that’s the only way they know to communicate their needs and feelings. They express any pains or emotions through this behavior until they start speaking a bit. Your baby may be crying for the usual reasons, such as food, dirty diaper, or pain. If it’s neither of these things, look for alternative methods to calmly soothe a fussy baby. Moreover, observe when the crying episode begins and if there’s a pattern that can be changed to see the results.

Do I Need To Breastfeed My Child For 12 Months?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that a mother should exclusively breastfeed her baby for at least six months. Its benefits are endless, depending on the amount of feed they receive. Infants fed breast milk attain a protective effect against allergies, gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory illnesses, asthma, diabetes, ear infections, and atopic dermatitis. After six months of the baby’s life, you can opt for combination feed as children are introduced to solids at that point as well.

If you’re a new parent still looking for some answers regarding your newborn, check out our state-of-the-art clinic where newborns are handled by expert Newborn Pediatrician Live Oak. A Thru Z Pediatrics is established to serve those looking to get healthcare services for infants, children, and adolescents. Get in touch with us if your baby is giving you a hard time sleeping.



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