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How to Choose A Pediatrician for Your Newborn?

A 2019 study revealed that 96.2% of children aged in the range of 12 to 24 months were taken to pediatricians in the U.S for primary care services. This indicates parents seem to trust them more with their child care due to their experience in the field. Pediatricians specialize in child care only, and all of their knowledge is related to child care and infant health issues. They may be able to diagnose an illness more quickly for this reason.

Parents of a young child need to consider a range of factors to narrow down their choices for a child specialist.

Does The Pediatrician Have Enough Credentials?

First thing first, you need to know if the child’s healthcare provider has important designations attached to their name. This should be the major factor in minimizing your choices. The doctor you opt for must be Board certified, an AAP member, and part of the FAAP listing.

A board-certified doctor means he has attained a medical degree along with a three-year residency in pediatrics. American Academy of Pediatrics member follows the standards and guidelines of the organization. So a potential candidate having all or either designation should land in your final list.

Is The Clinic Location Accessible?

Consider the clinic’s location among the crucial factors as you choose the final pediatrician. You wouldn’t want to choose a doctor located far away from your home. Since children tend to visit doctors often in their initial years, the office must be conveniently located near your work, home, and daycare. Your child may need emergency care, and the doctor’s office must be close enough to reach in critical situations.

A child is being examined by a doctor

Does Their Clinic Operations Align With My Needs?

For this, you must ask how the doctor’s practice operates. Some of the concerns you need to answer are:

  • if appointments are allowed last minute or the same day,
  • if the pediatrician is available over the weekend or evening hours,
  • the general clinic hours, and the number of doctors serving in a group practice.

Is This Pediatrician Referred By Family And Friends?

Some close family members and friends may also recommend the doctors they trust and visit. You may end up having a similar experience if their relationship with the pediatrician has been great. However, you must ask your peers about the important factors and may not be as significant for them. Your concerns could be about office cleanliness, the professional level of office staff, how kid-friendly the facility is, the ratio of office returning calls, and if the doctor is empathetic and explain things clearly. You wouldn’t want to end up with a healthcare specialist who rushes during your appointments and takes a long waiting time.

If you’re still struggling to make the right choice of the best pediatrician for your infant, check out A Thru Z Pediatrics, the best newborn pediatrician in Universal City. Their pediatric clinic also provides preventative care to boost your child’s overall health by conducting developmental screening and parent counseling. Contact us to make an appointment online.


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