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5 Common Illnesses You Need To Keep Your Child Safe From

Children’s immune systems are still developing at that age, making them more vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. You’re on your feet as soon as you hear your baby sneeze, running to their pediatrician and examining them and their toys from head to toe to catch the culprit.

If you’re always worried about your child catching something, this blog will guide you on a few diseases you need to watch out for that are common among children.


Roseola is a common disease among infants, with 10-45% of the children being infected and exhibiting minor symptoms. Children usually suffer from congestion, a high temperature, coughing, and a potentially contagious chest rash. Children under three are commonly affected by this illness.

Roseola lasts for about a week and is not a severe ailment. The use of ibuprofen and resting can provide relief. However, if your child exhibits severe discomfort or has a fever that lasts more than three days, you should take them to see a child expert. The use of ibuprofen and resting can provide relief.


Nobody ever forgets their experience with chickenpox! And it’s true because the rashes and itching are intolerable for kids. Chickenpox is a common and frequently contagious illness among children.

The varicella-zoster virus (VZV) is the culprit. Chickenpox typically lasts four to seven days. Although fever may be present, the characteristic symptoms are rashes that start on the chest, neck, and back before spreading to the rest of the body.

Small, typically fluid-filled blisters develop, which can be very painful. You must prevent your youngster from picking at them because they cause scabs.

Children who have received the chickenpox vaccine may only experience a mild case of the sickness, whereas children who have not received the vaccine may suffer from a more severe case. Therefore it’s crucial to ensure your child is vaccinated against various diseases.


Reach Out To The Experienced Primary Care Pediatrics At A Thru Z Pediatrics

Whether it’s a major illness or a minor one, no childhood ailment should ever be ignored! Taking your child for routine checkups at a pediatric clinic can help in early identification, diagnosis, and treatment.

A Thru Z Pediatrics in San Antonio has the best pediatricians on board. We understand you want to protect your child from diseases at all costs, and we want to help you with that.

Our newborn pediatricians provide regular immunizations that help to protect your little ones against seasonal illnesses. We also provide well-child visits and testing for ADHD testing San Antonio, as well as the areas of Live Oak, Cibolo, and Schertz.

Schedule an appointment with us today to ensure your child is happy and healthy.



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