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Managing Your Child’s Allergies

A lot of children today are born with a sensitivity to certain substances. Some babies take time for their bodies to learn how to process certain foods. Because of an allergy, a child may react with wheezing, coughing, eye swelling, or hives. At first, the symptoms are mild and can be controlled with medication. As children grow older, reactions can become more severe. If you have a child who’s allergic to peanuts or other foods, it’s important you know the symptoms of an allergic reaction. It is essential to know what your child experiences so that you can respond quickly if they have an allergic reaction.

Know the Triggers

When you know what foods are causing a reaction, you can avoid them by not eating them at home or dining out. Also, take action quickly when you see triggers. If your child is reacting, it’s important to get them medical care immediately.


Be Patient

Allergic reactions take time to develop into full-blown problems. It may take days or weeks before symptoms appear in your child’s mouth or throat; it’s important not to panic if they seem unwell after eating something new at school or daycare. Recognize the symptoms and take your child to a pediatrician as soon as possible.

Tell your child’s teacher about their allergies. This will help their teacher prepare ahead of time and ensure they have plenty of EpiPen auto-injector on hand in case of an emergency during school hours (or after hours).

Be Prepared for the Worst-Case Scenario

Keep a supply of medical supplies in your home, including an EpiPen and antihistamine pills, if needed. Have an emergency plan in place with your child’s doctor and school staff. Let other parents know you have a child with allergies so they can be careful when the kids go to their homes for birthday parties etc. Make sure your child has medication on hand at all times, especially at school or in public places where they may be exposed to more allergens than usual.

If you’re out at a friend’s house and they have a pet, ask your host if they could keep the dog outside or in another room while you’re there. If the dog is in the kitchen, ask them to put the dog on a leash so that it’s not close to your child.


Read Food labels

Learn how to read food labels carefully and understand what ingredients are in them so they can make informed choices when eating out or shopping at the grocery store. Food labels contain information about allergens found on them (including ingredients), so everyone in your family needs to know what they mean and how they affect each other.

Well Balanced Meals

If your child is still an infant feed them breast milk. This will help boost their immune system. If they are older, feed them well-balanced meals that are low in sugar and processed foods. Provide fresh fruits and vegetables for snack time and offer them multiple times per day. Also, ensure they are well hydrated and are washing their hands multiple times during the day. If you want your child to eat more vegetables and less junk food, try finding ways to make them fun. For example, make a funny face while they eat their veggies. Make sure your child gets enough to sleep each night (8+ hours). This helps improve their immune system and helps keep them from getting sick often.


Seek Professional Help

Know when it’s time to seek professional help. If your child has had repeated episodes of a specific symptom like coughing or wheezing, make an appointment with their healthcare provider for further evaluation and treatment plans that may include medication therapy or immunotherapy medications.


Best Primary Care Clinic in San Antonio

At A Thru Z Pediatrics, we are a team of highly experienced pediatricians for newborns in San Antonio, Cibolo, and Schertz that provide compassionate personnel for your children. We offer affordable, top-notch pediatric services and offer healthcare services for infants, including well-child visits Cibolo, immunization, and ADHD testing. We serve from two convenient locations in Stone Oak and Medical Center so that you can have a wonderful experience. Please visit us so that you can experience firsthand the pediatric services we offer in San Antonio.

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