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How Does ADHD Affect A Child’s Performance In School?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a neurodevelopmental disorderaffecting millions of children and adults worldwide. While most people know about it, fewer are familiar with how it can affect school-aged children’s academic performance. Our ADHD pediatricians explain how ADHD can impact a child’s educational journey.

Hpw ADHD Symptoms Affect Learning

Children with ADHD often struggle to focus and pay attention for sustained periods, which can significantly impact their ability to learn and perform in school. Other symptoms include difficulty organizing tasks, restlessness, impulsivity, and disorganization, which can have adverse effects on academic performance.

In addition to these physical and mental challenges, many children with ADHD also experience social difficulties. This can lead to problems fitting in at school and understanding complex concepts.

Managing ADHD in TheClassroom

Break Up Lessons into Shorter Segments

Fortunately, there are ways to manage the symptoms of ADHD so that they don’t become disruptive or interfere with learning. For starters, teachers should be mindful that each child learns differently – some may need more support or longer periods for completing tasks than others. To help keep kids on track throughout the class, teachers may want to consider breaking up lessons into shorter segments or providing extra time for completing assignments. Parents can do the same to help kids with their homework at home.

Create A Structure

Additionally, creating a structure by establishing clear rules and expectations can help reduce distractions while encouraging better behavior among students. In addition, proper communication between parents and teachers is essential to create an individualized plan that caters to each student’s needs.

By establishing an environment where kids feel safe expressing themselves without judgment or criticism, you can ensure every child has access to the resources they need for success, and the effects of ADHD on their academic performance are lessened significantly.

Kids showing off their artwork

If your child shows behavioral issues, consider visiting our board-certified pediatricians at A Thru Z Pediatrics. We offer behavioral treatments where our healthcare professionals work with your child and you to overcome these challenges. In addition, we also provide FDA-approved ADHD testing services.

We also offer annual well-child visits, including screening for milestones, social behavior, and overall learning.

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