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3 Ways Working Moms Can Keep A Check On Their Baby’s Health

It’s unfair to say stay-at-home mothers are not working mothers because that’s just a blatant bias against all that mothers do. From waking up countless times in the night to watching over them every second of the day, parenting is the toughest job there is!

But some mothers also have a career to manage alongside parenting and that makes the job doubly difficult. When you have to wake up before the crack of dawn to look after your child, finish all the chores and also dress for work, you need every ounce of energy in your body to get you through the day!

This can make it hard for moms to stay on top of their parenting game without compromising their own wellbeing and work demands. If you’re a career woman who’s struggling to balance your mom duties with work, these tips might help.

Cut Out All Distractions

We know how tempting it is to check your phone when the notifications are blinking on the screen. We also know it’s irresistible to stay away from Netflix when the newest episodes of Money Heist are coming out so soon!

But when it comes to being a parent, you gain some, you lose some. What you’re gaining is a lot more valuable than screen time so it’s a win-win for you. Once you succeed in getting rid of these distractions, you’ll have enough time to look after your baby. Make sure you dedicate the time after work to your baby until they sleep. They deserve your complete attention.3 Ways Working Moms Can Keep A Check On Their Baby’s Health

Seize the Special Moments

We know every workplace allows its employees to take casual leaves, sick days and vacation leaves. But when you become a mother, it’s best to use those leaves smartly. If you have a baby who’s under 1 year old, you have many special moments waiting for you. The first tooth, the first step, the first word. All of these are special moments in your child’s life that you really don’t want to miss.

This is why it’s important that you save your leaves for the time when your baby starts teething or struggling to stand up. This will allow you to seize those moments when your little darling experiences the first of many things! Save your leaves and take them when you need them most. Trust us, you’ll realize the importance of these things once you experience them.

Prioritize Their Health

When it comes to your baby’s health, it’s way more important than anything else in your life. Be it a promotion or a new car from work, everything can wait until your baby regains their health. You don’t want to miss checking your child’s fever or giving them a dose of their medicine when they’re sick. And in the worst cases, you might not want to rely on friends and family to take your child to the doctor’s because you’re too caught up at work!

A good tip for that is to maintain a good rapport with your boss. If they observe a consistently good performance and commitment to work, they’ll accommodate your requests when it comes to emergency situations. Bear that in mind when you feel like you’re not giving your best at work because every company values a good employee. And this way you have a better shot at being a dedicated parent as well!

As a mother, you may have to face unfortunate circumstances when your child falls sick and you don’t know what to do. The best way to deal with that is to relax and think rationally. Keep our contact on your speed dial.

Book an appointment at our Pediatric clinic San Antonio. We have pediatricians on the team who can help!

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