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Vitamin K: Why It’s Important to Your Newborn’s Health

Vitamin K is an important mineral that is synthesized by good bacteria in the intestines. It is a vital mineral that helps adults live a healthy life. We get it from leafy greens such as broccoli and cabbage as well as dairy products and certain oils. It is also found in some fish, fortified milk, and some cereals. However, newborns have a limited stock of this mineral in their bodies that itself was transferred to them through their mother’s placenta. Learn why vitamin K is so important for their heart and your newborn can boost their vitamin K reserves.

Good for Bone Growth

Vitamin K is vital for bone growth and general health. Many newborns are born with low levels of vitamin K in their blood, which can lead to low levels of calcium in their bones, which can lead to brittle bones, fractures, and more serious problems later on. This nutrient helps to keep your baby’s bones strong and helps prevent them from developing osteoporosis later in life and maintains healthy bones and teeth.

Makes the Immune System Stronger

Vitamin K also plays an important role in helping your baby’s immune system develop properly and stay strong throughout childhood. Without adequate amounts of this vitamin, your newborn could be at a greater risk of serious illnesses in adulthood such as infections and even cancer and heart disease down the line.

Essential for Blood Clotting

As your newborn grows they are bound to graze their knees and sustain wounds. This is part of their overall learning process. Vitamin K helps in the proper formation of blood clotting that is essential for the wounds to heal and stops the blood from continuously flowing out.

What Should You Do?

Because vitamin K2 is extremely important to newborns, most prenatal vitamins contain it in addition to other forms of vitamins. Newborns should get an injection of vitamin K soon after birth to help build up their bone health. Talk to a reputable pediatrician right after your child’s birth. You should also make sure to breastfeed your child and take a diet rich in minerals when doing so.


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At A Thru Z Pediatrics, we are experienced new born pediatrician Schertz, Cibolo, and San Antonio that will go out of our way to make sure your infant receives the best pediatric services possible. We offer affordable healthcare solutions for infants, including well-child visits and ADHD testing. To give parents the added convenience, our clinic has two convenient locations in Stone Oak and Medical Center.

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