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Symptoms of ADHD In Children

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a chronic illness associated with brain activity. People with ADHD have trouble paying attention to things for more than a short period. They experience random bouts of hyperactivity which are also quick to die down.

It’s easier to detect ADHD behavior in adults. Still, it becomes challenging with kids because hyperactivity and inattention are typical behaviors in children. This blog has covered some common symptoms that can help you determine if your child is

ADHD Symptoms To Look For

The two most significant symptoms of ADHD, as the name suggests, are lack of attention and hyperactivity.

It would help differentiate between normal behavior and ADHD and to detect ADHD signs and help your child.


1. Inattentive

ADHD children are inattentive, but so are most kids towards anything they aren’t interested in. The line of difference is when your child wants to be involved in an activity, but their brain doesn’t allow them to pay attention. Notice these signs of inattention:

  • Have difficulty with listening and processing what is said.
  • Get distracted during small tasks and activities like watching TV, playing games, etc.
  • Make careless mistakes like spilling water while drinking and similar small things.
  • Unable to follow instructions.
  • Forget things repeatedly.
  • Hops from one activity to another.


2. Hyperactive

Hyperactivity means your child is always on the go, and it is difficult for you to make them sit idle. Some signs of hyperactive nature in kids are:

  • Show excessive motor activity, like constantly running.
  • Tossing while resting or sleeping
  • Interrupt others during conversation.
  • Always restless and fidgeting around the house.
  • Can’t stay quiet; they talk too much.
  • Repeat certain words and tasks over and over again.
  • Constantly tap or move their hands and feet while sitting.


3. Some Other Symptoms

Other than inattentive and hyperactive behavior, kids can also show some other symptoms like:

  • Fearless and incautious of danger and harmful situations.
  • Fight with other kids.
  • Aggressive over little things.
  • Start shouting angrily.

Forge Ahead With Your Conscience

You can never be 100% sure that a child has ADHD or not. Most kids exhibit inattentive or hyper behavior while growing up, often considered mood swings or ‘a phase’ that will pass. Hence, your ADHD-positive diagnosis can be a false alarm. You can undoubtedly misdiagnose or misread the signs because you are not an expert.

For assurance, take your child to ADHD testing clinics where Medicare experts diagnose ADHD according to the American Psychiatric Association Manual guidelines. Move further with treatment recommended by ADHD pediatricians.

A mother comforting his crying child

ADHD Pediatrician in Live Oak, Universal City, or Schertz

At A thru Z Pediatrics, we aim to provide optimum medical services in Schertz and San Antonio for children. We offer computerized ADHD testing San Antonio approved by the FDA, so you can bring your child without any hesitation and expect premium care from us.

Our consultants can help you provide treatment to progress with ADHD in your child. You can visit our website for the contact number of all three of our locations in Texas.



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