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How to Take Care of a Newborn: A Guide for First-Time Parents

Newborns bring joy and happiness to parents, but they can also bring worry. Newborns have special needs and require a great deal of attention. New parents need to understand the care needs of their newborn so that they can help their baby grow healthy and strong. Taking care of a newborn is a full-time job, one that’s especially demanding in the first few months. If you’re a first-time parent, this guide will help you figure out the basics of caring for your little one.


Newborns don’t need to be bathed every day. About three times a week should be sufficient until your baby becomes more mobile. Bathing more often can dry out your baby’s skin. A newborn’s skin is delicate and sensitive. It’s also prone to rashes and dryness, so it needs extra care. Use warm water and a mild baby cleanser on your baby’s face and body. Put cotton balls in your baby’s ears and around the eyes to keep these areas dry, and gently clean any crust from the eyes with a wet washcloth.


You’ll probably change 8 to 10 diapers a day during the newborn period. When you change your baby’s diaper, use warm water or alcohol-free wipes to cleanse the diaper area thoroughly before putting on a fresh diaper.

Bonding with Your Baby

Bonding with a newborn is very important because this is how a parent shows they love their baby. Talk to your baby often in a soft, gentle voice. The sound of your voice will be comforting to them. When holding your child, give them skin-to-skin contact (with just a diaper on their bottom) by placing them against bare areas of your chest or stomach.

This skin-to-skin contact will help keep your baby’s body warm, regulate their breathing and heart rate, prevent overheating, and give both of you the closeness you need during feeding and sleeping times. Putting them in your lap facing toward you gives both of you more time together to look at each other while feeding.

Get Them Used to You

For the first few days, your kid will be adjusting to their new surroundings. They may not be very interested in getting to know their human family members straight away and will likely spend most of the time sleeping. While your child needs to get plenty of rest during this period, you should try and make yourself known by talking softly and gently stroking them when they wake up so that they start to get used to you. This way, when they’re a bit more settled and curious about the world around them, they’ll recognize your voice and smell as familiar.

Looking For A Newborn Pediatrician in San Antonio?

If you are looking for experienced pediatricians for newborn babies San Antonio, including Cibolo and Schertz, then we at A Thru Z Pediatrics are at your service. Our friendly staff provides testing for ADHD, well-child visits San Antonio, and child vaccination , among others.

Contact our primary care pediatricians at our Stone Oak and Medical Center location.



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