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Breastfeeding vs. Formula for Newborns—What’s The Better Choice?

For newborns and slightly older infants, their primary source of sustenance is milk. It’s what is safe and digestible to them, which is why they must receive a safe and filling quantity throughout the day.

Infants grow very rapidly, as their bodies absorb nutrients and grow in height, size, and weight. Their growth is wonderful to witness, as they achieve milestone after milestone. Given that they depend almost entirely on milk, a lot of parents either exclusively breastfeed or choose bottle feed—or a combination of the two!

Either way, the decision is yours to make as a parent, especially as a mom. There could be various factors that affect your decision, to choose one, the other, or both.

Are there differences in nutritional benefits?

Breastfeeding is considered and recommended as an ideal choice for feeding your baby. It’s the perfect balance of all necessary nutrients, especially protein, that strengthens your baby’s immunity and health. It’s what helps them develop and grow.

However, not everyone can or wishes to breastfeed due to various reasons, in which case formula feed is also incredibly nutritious. Don’t compromise on quality because there might be variation in terms of nutrition, even through a difference in preparation.

Breastfeeding vs Formula for Newborns—What's The Better Choice

Which of the two is easier to digest?

Breast milk digests and gets absorbed very easily, which is why it scarcely leads to health problems for your child. Formula feed might not sit well with some babies, with certain nutrients having a hard time getting absorbed.

It gets better with time, though, so don’t give up. Work closely with your pediatrician to find what works for your baby, because it’s never a simple journey!

Which is better for closeness and relationships?

There’s nothing quite like the love of a mother for her child, and your baby’s dependence on you is a reminder of that. However, nursing and skin-to-skin contact have more intense benefits for mother-child bonding and relational benefits. It’s an intimate act of closeness that’s reserved exclusively for this relationship.

But with that being said, formula feeding can be very nurturing too. It can be an exclusive activity if your lifestyle allows—but it can also help your baby form bonds with other caretakers, which is great for working moms!

Which feeding schedule is easier?

Babies don’t run on a fixed schedule. Each newborn has its own schedule for feeds, changes, and sleep, which can be hard to get in sync with. They will cry when hungry, even if it’s in the middle of the night. However, with formula feeds, you or your pediatrician might be the ones building a feeding schedule.

Schedules vary depending on the type of formula, your baby’s other habits, and other factors that you should discuss in depth.

Breastfeeding vs Formula for Newborns—What's The Better Choice

How long should I breastfeed my baby?

Breastfeeding is an incredibly personal decision, with parents continuing it well into their children’s toddler stage, but for exclusive breastfeeding, the first six months are the most beneficial. Following that, it’s okay to start weaning them off and introduce alternatives like formula and more solid food choices.

A lot of moms start breastfeeding or decide to and change their decision as a result of difficulties and changes to their lifestyle, etc.

Breastfeeding vs Formula for Newborns—What's The Better Choice

No matter what decision you decide to take a parent, you’re doing what’s right for your baby. You can always reach out to our pediatricians for newborns at our New born babies medical center San Antonio and Stone Oak.  Contact us here to learn more about Pediatrician New born Babies Medical Center


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