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A Comprehensive Guide For Your Child’s First Pediatric Visit

Your newborn’s first medical appointment is typically scheduled three to five days following birth. However, going to a clinic a few days after delivery with a newborn can easily make you feel uneasy. Attending the pediatrician can worsen your fears because women are already worn out from the delivery process, and most fathers find it difficult to handle the new change.

This blog will guide you to make your first pediatric visit go smoothly.

Checklist for Being Fully-Prepared

  • A newborn and a mother need someone to tend to and take care of them. Hence, the spouse or caregiver should accompany them on the child’s first pediatric visit.
  • Reach 30 minutes before your appointment.
  • Dress your newborn in loose clothing to take off for examination.
  • Prepare and take the diaper bag and feeding essentials along.
  • Make notes of anything that you want to discuss with the doctor.

What to Expect

This will be the first time your newborn undergoes a proper physical examination, breaking the process into three steps.

  • The nursing staff will undress the baby, take their weight, measure height, and check the baby’s temperature.
  • The pediatricianwill do a proper examination by checking pulse bones, looking for fractures, checking for jaundice, and all other requirements.  Pediatricians might conduct a visual and hearing screening if needed.
  • The doctor will discuss the baby’s examination with you at length and answer your concerns. You will receive well-child visitsand vaccination

Why Is It Important To Not Miss The First Visit?

Infants go through various developmental and transitional stages as they grow; it is important to watch them closely and frequently during these times. You should watch your child’s growth closely as a parent to look for any early signs of illness or disease. Even if your child seems healthy and fit, skipping the first well-child is unwise.

It is always preferable to take precautions before things spiral out of control. The pediatrician will guide you on your child’s sleeping habits, vaccination schedule against several diseases, dietary requirements, burping techniques, and much more.

A baby wrapped in a blanket

How to Find the Best Newborn Pediatrician

As a parent visiting a pediatrician for their newborn might be intimidating. You might be worried and concerned about how the first visit would go. Your worries are all valid. To ensure that you have a reputable newborn pediatrician to visit after delivery, conducting thorough research during your third trimester is essential.

Talk to other parents in your circle, get their opinions, shortlist the pediatric clinics that seem to be the best, and research the location online. Read reviews, try to visit the clinic before making an appointment, strike up a conversation with any of their regular patients in the waiting area, and do whatever else you feel is necessary.

Here are some things you should consider when choosing a pediatrician for your newborn:

· Location and Accessibility

You may want to find a pediatrician near your home or workplace to make it easier to book appointments on time. This will also be helpful if your newborn gets sick and you need to get them to the clinic quickly.

You also want a doctor who will be available if you have questions or concerns. Find out how your potential pediatrician handles calls after hours and on weekends. Do they have an on-call provider?

You must feel comfortable with how the doctor handles off-hours calls before you make your choice. Also, consider how far you’re willing to travel. You might want to choose a pediatrician based on how close their office is to your home or work.

But if there’s a doctor who’s farther away but has a reputation for being the best, consider making the drive.

A person holding a hand of a newborn baby

· Specialization

Some doctors have specialties in fields like behavioral health, asthma, etc. Find a pediatrician who specializes in the field of the disease you have a family history of.

· Reviews

Seek advice from your friends and relatives. Word-of-mouth recommendations are a terrific approach to discovering the top pediatricians. Find out which doctors are the most popular in your neighborhood. And before choosing one, take a look at the website’s client reviews.

· Qualifications and Experience

Pediatricians complete their residencies, graduate from respected medical schools, and earn their licensure. However, the board does not certify all pediatricians. Verify the board certification of the pediatrician you intend to see.

Look for people who’ve been in the field for a long time and have a higher success rate. These things will help ensure you’re getting the top one for your newborn.


A Thru Z Pediatrics In San Antonia Has Reliable Newborn Pediatricians

We understand that you might not have the time or opportunity to search for the best pediatric clinic for your baby. Rest assured, A Thru Z Pediatrics is one of the best places to meet your child’s medical needs.

We have a medical facility in Schertz, San Antonio, and Stone Oak. Our trained and qualified pediatricians that pay close attention to newborns and adolescents and provide the best advice to parents. We conduct well-child visits San Antonio for babies, children, and adolescents in a child-friendly environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.




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