It’s no secret that participating in sports at an early age can bolster a child’s physical, mental, emotional, and social health. It teaches them valuable skills like communication and teamwork while providing a healthy outlet they can direct their energy toward. But before you buy your kid their first pair of sneakers to play sports in, taking them for a physical at a reputable pediatric clinic is important.

Here are three reasons why pediatric sports physicals are important to the healthy development of a child.

1. Detecting Endurance

Every child is different—and that includes how much exercise they’re capable of enduring. If you want to know your child’s natural endurance, we recommend taking them to a sports physical.

Knowing how much physical exertion your child can endure will help you regulate how often they train, so they don’t burn out. It’ll also help you figure out whether your child’s endurance levels exceed or lag behind other kids of the same age.

2. Preventing Muscular/Bone Injuries

One of the most obvious reasons why sports physicals are important pertains to injuries. If you bring your child for regular sports physicals, the pediatricians will be able to spot early signs of common muscular and/or bone injuries in sports.

For instance, runners often pick up stress fractures due to the repeated use of their legs. If your child loves running and you don’t take them for sports physicals, they might develop stress fractures once they’re older.

3. Optimizing Medication

Did you know USADA has banned certain inhalers believed to give sportsmen and women an unfair advantage? In other words, if your child’s playing pro or semi-pro sports like high school basketball, they could be banned for using unapproved meds.

The solution? Take them to a reputable pediatrician for a sports physical. They’ll help you optimize your child’s medication based on what kinds of drugs are permitted in the competitions they’re participating in. They’ll also adjust the dosage of your child’s meds according to how much they exert themselves playing sports.

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