Newborns just melt our hearts! Their tiny button noses, sleepy smiles, and hilarious stretches all make you fall in love with them even more.

And they’re so delicate that you’d want to protect them with all your might. After all the pictures and coos, you need to focus on taking the best care of your child. In this blog, we discuss ways you can make sure your baby’s safe and comfortable:

Ensure They’re Safe While Sleeping

Babies look the most adorable when they’re sleeping. But how they sleep is also very important for their good health. While you may have seen babies sleeping on their stomachs, it’s not a safe sleeping position at all.

Sleeping on their stomachs may cause babies’ airways to choke, and be fatal, something known as the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). To make sure your baby is sleeping safely, always place them on their backs, without any soft material underneath them.

Their cribs should be bare, with a firm mattress and a sheet only. Uneven surfaces like soft blankets and malleable bedding may exert stress on your baby’s spine and joints, causing complications.

Choose Appropriate Clothing

Make sure you buy plenty of clothes according to the various seasons. Your newborn pediatrician may advise you to dress the baby in full clothing for the initial few days or a month to replicate the warmth of the mother’s womb.

This helps the baby to feel secure and comfortable, making them less cranky.

You should also ensure their clothes aren’t too fitted or restrict their movement. Babies love to stretch and move their limbs, and their clothing should enable them the freedom to do so.


Practice Safe Holding Positions

Holding a newborn baby can be tricky. Their soft and tiny bodies feel very fragile in adults’ large arms. You should consult your newborn pediatrician on safe positions to hold your baby, such as the cradle hold, shoulder hold, lap hold, etc.

You should always ensure your baby is comfortable in the position you’re holding them in. Some babies are comfortable in one position and not another, so you can easily adjust your holding techniques according to the little one’s preferences!

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