If your child is feeling sick and throwing up, then it is important to know what to do to make them feel better as quickly as possible. Here are some tips on how to best handle the situation.

Stay Calm

Your child may be throwing up because he has a stomach bug or food poisoning. You don’t want to freak out and make things worse by losing control of yourself. Keep track of your child’s symptoms. A sick child may have diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, as well as a fever. Be sure to keep track of these symptoms so that you can tell if they get better or worse over time.

Help them Stay Hydrated

Give your child fluids to stay hydrated and prevent dehydration while they’re sick with a stomach bug or food poisoning. Offer clear liquids such as water or fruit juice first if your child seems uncomfortable with milk or other thicker drinks like soup or chicken broth — but don’t force them. If you’re worried about how much liquid your child needs, check their weight daily and ask their doctor for advice. If needed, they’ll probably recommend breastfeeding until the vomiting subsides.

See a Doctor

Keep an eye on your child after they throw up. If they seem fine, get them to drink something like water or milk. If they are still not feeling better, see a doctor for further treatment. If you suspect that your child might have swallowed something that can’t be found in the vomit, take them immediately to the emergency room.

Don’t try cleaning their mouth out with water or wiping their face with a wet cloth unless they are unresponsive and unable to swallow any saliva themselves. In this case, put them on their side and hold their head down so that the chances of them choking on their vomit is reduced. If they are not responding, call 911 or seek immediate medical attention at your local hospital emergency room if possible.


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