Winter is the most challenging time for infants because they are susceptible to infections and viruses. Several measures can be taken to protect your baby and boost its immunity. Learn about them in this blog.

Here are a few tips on how to protect your child from common colds and flu:

Take Precautionary Measures

Keep your child away from people with cough or flu symptoms. Wash hands often, especially after using the toilet or changing diapers and before preparing food or drinks. Don’t share cups or utensils with others, and make sure they are washed thoroughly after use.

These steps help stem the spread of diseases from others to your infant. These diseases should never be taken lightly as if they get complicated can cause sinus problems, long-term medical issues, dehydration, pneumonia, and even brain dysfunction.

Dress Accordingly

Protect your child from cold with appropriate clothing, hats, and socks. Cover up your baby with layers of clothing so that they do not catch a chill easily while you are out with them. Ensure that all layers fit snugly but do not restrict movement of any part of their body as this could cause discomfort. Get them to wear a hat when going out in cold weather or rain, as this helps prevent dry skin or hair loss and helps maintain body temperature. Also, keep your child’s hands warm by using mittens and gloves.

Breastfeed Your Baby

Breastfeed your baby as long as possible. This helps develop antibodies that boost immunity levels and reduce the chances of catching the flu. Do not give your baby allergenic food until they are at least one year old. These include peanut butter and eggs.

Vaccination Shots

Cold and flu can be more prevalent during the winter season, and it is a good time for parents to keep their babies healthy through vaccination. Once your baby turns 6 months old, doctors recommend getting them the vaccine every year.

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