Building a routine for your baby is an important part of their development. A healthy baby’s routine involves all of those things that will boost and promote their cognitive, language, and motor skills, keeping them healthy at the same time.

Many first-time parents experience major angst because babies have a chaotic routine. They feel hungry every hour; they throw fits whenever they like, take small naps, and keep you up all night.

As parents, it is your job to slowly plan out a schedule and give rhythm to your baby’s day. This will bring structure to your baby’s life and enable you to have some much-needed time to yourself. According to pediatrics, here’s what a healthy routine for your baby looks like.

Early Morning – Feed, a Change of Diaper, and Games

The minute your baby wakes up, they’ll need food and a fresh diaper. During this time, try to talk to your baby, respond lovingly to their coos and play interactive games. Games like peek-a-boo and this little piggy make your baby feel safe and secure and trust you even more.

Don’t forget to look after yourself in all of this. Eat a well-balanced breakfast and have a big mug of coffee to get your day started.

Fun Afternoon – Tummy Time and Nap

The afternoon is the best time to feed your baby again and put them down for a nap. Before you put them to sleep, give them ample tummy time where they lie on the tummy and stretch and kick their legs. This is one of the best exercises for your baby which allows them to stay healthy and active. It also prevents conditions like plagiocephaly and torticollis.

Once your baby is awake from their nap and recharges, take out your stroller and take your baby out for a walk. You can use this time to fetch some groceries or go for a walk. This is a great learning experience for your baby since they get to see the world.

Visit the playground or go to the park so your baby can enjoy nature’s different sounds and sights.


Cozy Evening – Getting Ready For Bed

Taking recurrent naps is very important for your baby. Try to feed your baby and put them down for a nap multiple times a day. Once it’s evening, you can snuggle on the couch with your baby and play the songs or read to them.

Giving them a short bath before bedtime is great for getting them to relax. Change them into soft clothes and play soothing lullabies until your babies fall asleep.

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