Burping newborns can be a tricky business. People will tell you different things about it. You will have a lot of information at the end of the day but a very little understanding of the matter. Hence, we have compiled a few tips to help you with the challenge of burping your baby.

Why Is It Important?

Burping your baby is a crucial part of the feeding routine. Babies tend to take in some air during feeding, which gets trapped inside their stomachs and causes discomfort. Burping is done to get that air to release and ease the pain in the stomach. It also prevents spit-up of food.

Burping Break-Down

Hold your baby in a position you are comfortable with. You can either make him sit on your lap or lay him face-down on it. You can also hold him straight while resting his head on your shoulder. After deciding on the position, gently pat your baby’s back with your hand. Repeat this movement on the left side of your baby’s back, as this is where the stomach is located.

If the baby doesn’t burp, try changing positions and use a slightly firmer hand to pat their back. Also, keep a piece of cloth under your baby’s mouth on your lap or your shoulder, as spitting incidents are a common occurrence while burping.

Signs To Look Out For

Your baby will give signals as to when it needs to be burped. Some common signs to look out for are the following:

  • Spitting-up milk
  • Wiggling and fidgeting while being fed
  • Crying
  • Clenching up of fists
  • Bringing knees up to the stomach
  • Hesitating while suckling on the breast or the milk bottle
  • Grimacing

Why Burping Doesn’t Work

Sometimes the baby doesn’t burp, no matter how hard you try to make them burp. This situation can confuse you as there could be three reasons your baby isn’t burping.

  1. There isn’t enough gas to release; if your baby didn’t burp after trying for 1 minute, move on.
  2. Every baby is different; your baby might be self-sufficient in releasing gas on its own.

Suppose the baby shows signs of discomfort but isn’t burping. In that case, this is your cue to go to a newborn’s pediatrician. It could be anything minor that some exercise can overcome, or it can require medication. In both cases, the pediatrician can guide you on what steps to take.

Father holding his baby

Having Problems With Baby Burping? We Can Help

If your baby is not burping fine and is in a state of discomfort or pain, then don’t hold back. Please consult with primary care pediatrics to know why it’s happening and how it can be treated.

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