Babies and kids often fall sick. Sometimes, it’s not really something to be worried about, and at times you may need to visit a pediatrician. But deciding when to call your pediatrician can be tricky, especially for new parents.

So here’s a list of signs that you need to look out for that indicate you need to call the pediatrician:

High Fever

A mild fever can easily be treated at home. But if the fever doesn’t subside and your baby doesn’t respond to OTC medications, you may need a pediatrician. A pediatrician will take a look at your baby and prescribe medicines that will treat the fever.

Cold Symptoms

Colds don’t usually call for a doctor’s visit. Home remedies usually do the trick. But if your child isn’t getting better with your DIYs at home, you may want to call the pediatrician and get proper medication. Sometimes, your pediatrician will recommend anti-allergies or anti-biotics, depending on the severity of the cold.

Diarrhea and Vomiting

If your child is continuously vomiting or has been suffering from diarrhea for a few days, calling a pediatrician is the best option. They will treat your child before they develop a severe case of dehydration.

girl examined by a physician


Rashes are common in babies and kids. Their skin is sensitive to the environment and air around them. It could be caused due to wet diapers, clothes with synthetic fabric, or coming in contact with a hard surface. Regardless, they can get a rash every now and then. But if you’re unable to identify a rash and you feel suspicious, just go with your gut and call the doctor.

Whenever in Doubt

Regardless of whether your baby’s symptoms are mild or severe, if you feel that you need a pediatrician, don’t think twice. Just pick up the phone and call your primary care pediatrician in Schertz.

A thru Z pediatrics are experts in child care. We listen to your concerns about your child and make sure that we act accordingly. We will look at your child’s overall health in the long term and advise you as needed.

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