Mothers pass antibodies to their unborn children in the sixth month of the pregnancy. These antibodies keep babies immune for some time after they are born. However, this immunity is short-lived and makes babies vulnerable to serious diseases and infections. Although breastfeeding also passes down antibodies to the babies, it’s not enough, and that’s why vaccines are important.

Let’s look at why getting your newborns vaccinated is important and how it helps them stay healthy.

1.      Vaccines Save Lives

One of the main reasons to get your newborn is vaccinated is because it can save their life. For example, Pneumonia is a very common disease in children that affects their ability to breathe and causes fever, cough, and the lungs to fill up with pus. This deadly infection takes the lives of over 800,000 children each year, making it the leading cause of death for children under the age of 5.

However, this life-threatening infection can be prevented through vaccines, prolonging the lives of your children and keeping them safe from similar diseases and infections.

1.      Vaccines Save Time and Money

Often schools and daycare facilities don’t allow unvaccinated children for diseases like rubella, polio, and measles. Such children also put the lives of others at risk. Since governments are pro-vaccines, not getting your child vaccinated also disqualifies them from child care facilities provided by the government.

Not getting vaccinated can also lead to lifetime disabilities, causing you to spend on costly medical treatments. In contrast, getting your child vaccinated allows them to be safe from certain infections and medical conditions.


2.      Vaccines Keep Future Generations Safe

Vaccination helps improve immunity in children. This helps prevent diseases and infections that have been haunting us for generations, such as chickenpox and smallpox. Getting our children vaccinated can play a vital role in eliminating some of the diseases and medical conditions in the future that are considered dangerous.


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