Studies have proven that 60 minutes of physical activity each day helps promote healthy development amongst children. However, just six out of ten children participate in sports between the ages of 5 and 14.

Playing sports is a fantastic way to promote healthy physical growth. However, it plays an essential role in your child’s mental development as well. Sport is a powerful tool that allows children to feel good about themselves, physically and emotionally, by breaking down all the barriers.

Developmental Benefits

Sport teaches children healthy ways of coping with the highs and lows of life. When they lose a game, it teaches them to practice sportsman spirit and practice harder. It helps children to bounce back from the disappointment and try again and again until they win.

It helps them become resilient in life.

Emotional Benefits

Sport allows children to control and positively channel their emotions. When they keep playing sports regularly, it increases their overall emotional wellbeing while increasing self-esteem.

Social Benefits

One of the more significant challenges of being a parent is working on your child’s social skills because social skills are needed for the entire life. Moreover, they are essential for a healthier life.

Toddlers playing soccer

Playing sport helps children learn about cooperation and being less selfish by being happy for others even when they lose. Moreover, when they play sport outside of school, it helps them make new friends and build a social circle.


Playing and excelling in sport requires discipline.

Through games, your children learn to follow the rules and guidelines, work as a team, accept decisions, and understand the consequences for bad behavior. This helps them evaluate their choices in life before taking action.

Your Role as a Parent

Instilling the habit of playing sport from an early age is essential.

As a parent, involve them in sports and focus on making it a positive experience to keep them motivated. Many parents focus on the ‘winning and losing’ aspect of sports, whereas the only thing important here is to ensure that everyone is having fun and being active.

Sport offers a fantastic opportunity for children to develop life skills by working as a team. It can help your children develop a positive attitude toward life while teaching them to try harder when things get tough.

Sometimes children can face health issues when playing sports. You must schedule a visit with our pediatric sports specialist at A Thru Z Pediatrics to help figure out the root cause and propose treatment. It’ll make your child become a stronger athlete on the field.

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