The COVID-19 pandemic has altered almost every aspect of our lives since early 2020. Although there were little to no COVID-19 cases found amongst children during the initial waves, the new COVID-19 variant has affected children and adults alike.

Even though children generally have a stronger immune system compared to adults, the delta variant is strong enough to affect children.

Keep reading this article to learn more about the symptoms of the delta variant in children and how you can keep them safe from contracting the virus.

Symptoms Of Delta Variant In Children

Symptoms of the delta variant are known to be more severe than the previous variants. However, newborns and children experience a runny nose, sore throat, fever, gastrointestinal symptoms, and nasal symptoms.

According to Yale Medicine, loss of smell and cough are not that common when it comes to delta variant.

How To Protect Children From The Delta Variant?


Although COVID-19 vaccination was only available for adults, it has recently been made available to children aged 12 and older.

The vaccine might not eradicate the risk of one contracting the delta variant, but it does reduce the possibility tenfold.

Strengthen The Immune System

A strong immune system will be able to fight and protect us from the delta variant. Boost your child’s immune system with a good and healthy diet and through supplements that are prescribed by a pediatrician.

Social Distancing

Because newborns and very young children can’t wear masks or consume immune strengthening supplements, it’s important to make them practice social distancing.

Try and keep your baby away from public spaces and, if possible, don’t take them out of the house until absolutely necessary.

newborn suffering from COVID-19

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