Most children with ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, exhibit traits such as impulsive behaviors, decreased attention span, purposeless motor activity, and excessive fidgeting. While all children display these traits sometimes, children with ADHD often demonstrate them at a much higher degree than others, during play, in school, and at home.

But what about children with Down syndrome? If your child has been diagnosed with Down syndrome but struggles to pay attention, here’s what you need to know.

Issues Associated With ADHD, Down Syndrome, And More

While it can be true that the child with Down syndrome is displaying symptoms of ADHD, chances are they’re trying to communicate something else by exhibiting such behaviors. This can include an underlying medical issue that needs to be addressed, or maybe the child feels overwhelmed or frustrated. Here are some other medical problems that should be addressed first by consulting a primary care physician.

Vision And Hearing Issues

Visual and hearing issues are quite common in children with Down syndrome. Your child might not pay attention in class because they can’t see or hear properly. Consult with an ENT specialist to rule out ear infections or structural abnormalities that may be causing hearing loss.

Educational Issues

Studies reveal that children diagnosed with Down syndrome often have distinct learning styles. It may be a struggle for some until the educators understand which method suits the child best. When the educational material is presented in a way that might not be compatible with the child’s learning style, they might appear fidgety, bored, or hyperactive.

Two children playing with blocks

Gastrointestinal Issues

Children with Down syndrome are more prone to getting diagnosed with celiac disease and other intestinal conditions. It hinders the digestion of protein found in wheat and other grains, leading to poor weight gain, diarrhea, loose stools, and other symptoms that can affect behavior due to lack of energy. On the other hand, some people can also be predisposed to chronic constipation, which causes a lack of appetite, abdominal pain, and restlessness.

Some researchers do believe that children with Down syndrome are, in fact, at a much lower risk for ADHD than other children. If your child is suffering from medical, emotional, or behavioral issues, we recommend reaching out to infant Pediatrician San Antonio at A thru Z Pediatrics.

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