Patient Reviews

Carol Lewis *****

Amazing Doctors. They truly care for my kids and follow up with the lab results. My kids love the waiting area and exam rooms. The nurses let my girls pick the exam rooms... Awesome experience. I am glad I found A thru Z pediatrics. They are open Saturdays too and try to give appointments same day if needed.

Jacqueline Chambers *****

My experience with this office has been wonderful. All of the providers have given my son excellent care. The staff is kind and friendly. My son loves going to the doctors.

Christy M. *****

Dr.Mojan Rayala has exceeded my expectations. He took over after Dr.Chintapalli went part time. He is always patient with my son who is on the Spectrum. He takes his time with us and answers all my questions. I highly recommend him to anyone with a child with Autism!

Sameera Kadiyala. *****

Amazing clinic. Dr. Rayala is a very good listener and gets the kids to co-operate well with the procedures.

Marie Gonzales *****

I have been coming to this location since 2012 and have never had a problem. If one of my boys are sick they always fit us in same day. My children see Dr. Brittany and they LOVE her! She's so kind and friendly every single time we see her for their check-ups. I always recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new pediatrician.

Roxanne Guerrero *****

Amazing staff and amazing Doctor's. They are so friendly. Keep up the amazing work

David Banner *****

Really great place and the staff is always polite. Amazing Doctors!!

Kristina Madrigal *****

I have been visiting A to Z Pediatrics since 2012. Both of my children have been patients since then. I love this facility and always have. Our most recent visit introduced us to an employee by the name of Rosa. She was so nice, thoughtful, concerned in regards to our illness we were experiencing that I cannot say enough about her! All the employees are very friendly and really care about their patients.

Mhysa Nicole *****

At first I was not to please with this place. I think it's primarily because I read all the horrible reviews first. So that clouded my openness to the new doctors office. But now after going here for a year. I found this place,it's staff and All the Amazing Doctors to truly care. Everyone here goes above and beyond.

Before not giving this place a chance (because of the horrible reviews.) I say try them out. They may not impress you right off the bat. But they'll make up for it later.

Matthew Egan ******

Very friendly staff, I've always been very impressed. My son is generally pretty healthy, but gets a lot of ear aches and they got us sorted quickly without much of a wait. Thank you!

Zaj E *****

I was recommended to this place by my child's dentist after stating issues with my previous doctor. They are so HELPFUL! The staff is amazing. I think I maybe the lucky one with no wait times.

Mia Moore ******

Im always taken to a room as soon as I get there and sign in, we have been through all of the doctors there and my favorite is Nurse Practioner Brittany .She pays extra close attention to details and truly cares for her patients.

Brittany Perrin *****

Britney Lewis NP was wonderful! So kind and thorough. I almost left the practice after my first visit with Dr. Zamuco. She was awful! Minimized my concerns, refused needed treatment. I switched to the sonterra location with Britney to give them one more chance and she was a Godsend! Just stay away from Zamuco

Rozio Marisol *****

The only place I've gone to since I had my son. I love that they have both sides for a regular visit and sick visit. I only like one of the three docs he's had though. First with dr.mazer. I don't think she's there anymore and I'm glad. She wasn't clear at all when speaking to me and didn't do enough to find a solution for my son. Seemed like she would forget what we talked about or what the issues were for him. Dr. Zamuco was pretty much bad all around. Horrible communication and bad attitude. The 3rd, Brittany lewis is the only one ill take my son to. She has an answer for everything and if she doesn't she makes sure to work together to find a solution. Even though she's not a doctor she seems to know more and be educated in pediatrics better then the others.

Day School Director *****

Absolutely wonderful!

Alicia Cortes *****

Love it best clinics both location never will change

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